Which Location Services Solution is Right for You?

How location APIs can drive your business forward. In most industries, location is key. The Location Services industry, and all the vertical industries it serves, is no different. When it comes to building applications or APIs, it’s all about location. By enabling functionality mapped to a location, an API can move from being just a convenience to a real value for your business and your customers. Your app can move to the “must-have” category by answering real questions such as, “Where should I buy a house?” or “Where is the closest coffee shop?” MapQuest for Business has created restful APIs that bring the power of location-based search to any mapping scenario – Search APIs, Directions API, and Mapping APIs.  In this blog, we will cover:
  • Place Search API
  • Search Ahead API
  • Directions API
  • Static Maps API
So how can these location APIs help drive your business? I will tell you. Place Search API  The newest Place Search API, like our Search Ahead API, offers access to our next generation backend spatial search engines and boasts many of the features that users of our Search Ahead API have come to love, like the simplified request parameters, the lightweight response, and the geographic features expressed using the geoJSON specification. Exciting Benefits of Place Search API: 1.Find All the Things Answer user questions such as, "Which coffee shops are within a 5-minute drive from my house?” 2.Usher in Customers With POI (point of interest) superiority, help your customers find your exact retail location and not the coffee shop down the street. Coupled with our Directions API, get them from Door A to Door B. 3.Divide and Conquer Divvy up your sales territory or search and display your customer’s location on a map. You can use additional search types like custom polygon and line (corridor), too.