Which Geocoding Vendor is Right For My Health Care Center

Choosing the Right Geodata Vendor for My Health Care Center     The decision to integrate a geodata vendor into your health care facility’s electronic medical record (EMR) system is a big one. How will it impact workflow? Will it be simple for caregivers to understand and effective in what it promises to do? Ultimately, will our facility’s patients be better served by making this decision? 

Why Geocoding is the Next Step Up in Patient Care

The way patients are provided with life-saving healthcare is changing. Electronic medical records (EMR) have transformed a caregiver’s ability to create a full picture of a patient’s needs in a way that wasn’t possible in decades past. Simultaneously, there is an ever-increasing need to travel to patients who may be limited by a variety of physical, mental or financial factors. Today there are opportunities to save time in traveling so more time can be spent where it belongs — with the patient.