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Jean-Yvon Landrac
Credits on maps

Is there a way to use a screen credit (one per screen) not a map credit (one per map/tile) if the maps are created as tiles?

Use case: tile service within WorldWind framework


We're displaying the data possibly on a globe using WorldWind (3D effect, not a flat map).

We're about to use the XYZ tile layer, but it's going to disapeat at some point (

Therefore we're requesting several tiles for a single display. It works fine (present).

If we go the static map API, I can convert the XYZ calls into static map calls.

But I don't see a way to remove the credit.

Credit is fine, but once on the map, not on each tile.

Is there a proper way to do this? Ugly way: request a bigger map as crop it ;-(. More work on MapQuest servers, more work on the client side too.


The Terms and Conditions for using the MapQuest API are here.  You will want to pay special attention to section 2.d in regards to your question.

Jean-Yvon Landrac
Once per map, not once per tile

Thanks MQDennisClarke, I don't see anything incompatible stuff incompatible with my request.

Images may help to figure the request and the answer. Just as mock-up.

My request:

Your answer:

Hopefully one of both didn't get it!

Jean-Yvon Landrac

Sorry, the images were lost.

So your view:

My view:

Thank you for the mock-ups -
Thank you for the mock-ups - we are thinking about the same use of the map tiles.   The Terms and Conditions of your current plan does not allow for removal of the copyright information from the responses you are receiving from the services.  An Enterprise Edition agreement might be able to be amended to allow for this.  You can contact our sales team about Enterprise Edition at