MapQuest API URL to display map

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MapQuest API URL to display map

We recently saw some issues using the below URL to render mapquest map in our application .  While loading in the browser it says MQA Not defined

did the url change from


What URL should we use going forward?kindly please assist us.

The MapQuest JavaScript api
The MapQuest JavaScript api v7 was sunset earlier this year and is no longer supported. We recommend using MapQuest.js going forward.

Just to give you some more

Just to give you some more details. We  are using Enterprise edition and  our web app is  rendering the maps in the browsers,  we dont have mobile apps only browser based web application. I understand that we should not use  instead use the

the reason is " as mentioned in the URl"



It looks like your account
It looks like your account has not been on Enterprise Edition since 2/24/17. There have been some issues with the unsupported sdk that have since been resolved. If you're still seeing the MQA error, make sure the sdk is downloading successfully. 

when i run this http://www

when i run this link with the Key  in the browser ,it should download a javascript ,but it redirects to another documentation page,so sdk javascript is not downloaded ,can you point us to the new url


instead if i use this  url ,i see the javascript is downloaded properly . i think v7.0.s is not working v7.1.s and v7.2.s is giving us javscript sdk download .can we use this version



They all seem to be working

They all seem to be working as expected for my key. Are you still seeing this issue?


This sdk is no longer supported so if the sdk comes back, it will be low priority to restore.

ahmedm1   //  not working and redirection to another page .javascript sdk download not happening and issue is here. we get MQA object not defined. // working and i see javascript sdk downloaded // working and i see javascript sdk downloaded 

if these sdks are not supported, wha sdk should we be using the ,can you point to a sdk url or any example.


MapQuest.js is the current
MapQuest.js is the current JavaScript mapping sdk.