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Remove marker MapquestGL Map


I'm creating a marker on map simply using MapQuestGL library 

var map = new mqgl.Map('map', 'KEY', {
center: [-43.698637,42.300916],
zoom: 18,
bearing: 0,
pitch: 0,

locations.forEach(function (feature, index) {

  var lat =

  var lon = feature.lon

  map.icons.marker.addWithPopup({ lng: long, lat: lat }, iconName, propHtml);


Is there a way to clear all markers from the MAP??

Now I want to delete all the markers on the Map, I'm not able to find a way to do this, can anyone help me here??


Marker remove

You can clear the map before you put new markers using


it will clear everything on map.

if you want to remove Marker only then you have to create Marker object when you add the marker on map

Marker some_Marker = map.getController().addMarker(new MarkerOptions().icon(marker_icon).position(coordinates);

And Remove Marker