Can you connect MySQL database to mapquest

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Can you connect MySQL database to mapquest

I'm in a coding bootcamp where we have to use node.js, express, and mysql in a group project. Our project is to find dog playmates, like a Tinder for dogs type app, and we want to use mapquest to show distance between closest matches. Is this possible instead of using mapquest's data manager?

You can load locations into
You can load locations into the data manager then use the search to get straight line distance by default or drive distance by setting the units parameter.

MySQL databae can be

MySQL databae can be connected with MapQuest by following the guidelines shared in the link below:

Such kind of tasks are bit tough and this is the reason why most of the clients prefers to hire the services of web services provider as they could tackle it technically and resolve it professionaly.

While the MapQuest Data

While the MapQuest Data Manager makes it easy to store custom data with MapQuest so that you can query it through the Search API, you don't have to store data with us in order to show custom points on a map.

Are you trying to do something along the lines of storing data in MySQL or PostgreSQL and then use something like PHP to query your own database, loop through the results, and then show the results on a MapQuest map using the JavaScript API? Unfortunately I don't have any easy/quick examples that show how to do that, but it is possible.