Coordinates format

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Coordinates format

Here is the javascript code:

window.onload = function() {
var map = new mqgl.Map('map', 'API KEY HERE', {
center: [-122.2082454,37.4780123],
zoom: 13,
pitch: 60,
bearing: 0

Note: the proper key was placed in the right spot.

The application is web-based developed with Python and Flask. It loads the map about those coordinates just fine. The problem is when you try to replace them with any other coordinates it randomly either loads a random location in the ocean or a random location in Saudi Arabia. Has anyone else experienced such an issue and if so how was it resolved? Also where is the problem?




Can you post the coordinates
Can you post the coordinates that come from the Python/Flask app that end up in the JavaScript? I suspect the coordinates are unexpected, switched, or some other oddity.