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Error 605

We are trying to calculate a distance matrix using the json code

{"options": {"routeType": "shortest", "locale": "es_ES", "units": "k", "allToAll": true, "narrativeType": "none", "doReverseGeocode": false}, "locations": [{"latLng": {"lat": 37.38691, "lng": -5.986570000000029}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.3938674, "lng": -5.9879819}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.3469294, "lng": -5.9790378}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.3654386, "lng": -5.9888397}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.3881382, "lng": -5.990888}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.3905679, "lng": -5.991477499999974}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.3757954, "lng": -5.997038599999996}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.3753307, "lng": -5.9976303}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.3819998, "lng": -5.9988868}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.3771999999999, "lng": -6.00180999999997}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.3889583, "lng": -5.997256399999969}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.3788566, "lng": -6.0093379}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.3631554, "lng": -6.02528039999992}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.3555641, "lng": -6.0363452}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.363795, "lng": -6.0275318}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.346913, "lng": -6.04745760000003}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.39372609999999, "lng": -5.995395599999938}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.3922327, "lng": -5.9978764}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.353474, "lng": -6.04710399999999}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.3573611, "lng": -6.04243940000003}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.3421361, "lng": -6.0649584}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.3858953, "lng": -6.007500499999992}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.34889, "lng": -6.06563}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.3734809, "lng": -6.0425624}}, {"latLng": {"lat": 37.3972296, "lng": -5.9934893}}]}

Despite all the locations are near each other, we obtain the status code 605 ("Exceeded maximum search distance") .

Could anybody help us? 


I don't get a distance error,
I don't get a distance error, I get, "MaxMatrixPointToPoint count exceeded." Are you still getting the distance error?

Partial success.

I'm sorry, the wright error description is "Partial success. Time/Distance not found to all locations" (status code 605). There seems to be a problem with the location (37.388138,-5.990888) and the distance from this one to the other locations is not calculated. The problem can be reproduced using the following json file

{"options": {"narrativeType": "none", "locale": "es_ES", "allToAll": true, "routeType": "shortest", "units": "k", "doReverseGeocode": false}, "locations": [{"latLng": {"lng": -5.9798588, "lat": 37.360391}}, {"latLng": {"lng": -5.990888, "lat": 37.3881382}}, {"latLng": {"lng": -5.98657, "lat": 37.38691}}, {"latLng": {"lng": -5.9837785, "lat": 37.3742066}}, {"latLng": {"lng": -5.9796198, "lat": 37.3591307}}, {"latLng": {"lng": -5.9790378, "lat": 37.3469294}}]}

Thank you so much.

It looks like the one-way
It looks like the one-way direction on the street at that point was in the wrong direction meaning a route could not escape from there. This will be fixed in the data and get updated with the next data update. Thanks for the information.