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False results USA

Hello - We are using your mapquest geocoding API for our software. We enter the zip code to find a city/state/country. We are seeing incorrect results when entering USA zip codes. They are returning results for cities in South America, Europe etc. One example is 05672. Stowe, Vermont, USA. It is returning results for Sao Paolo Brazil. This is just one example. It is happening to many US based postal codes.

Here is the URL as a test:


A refresh of that URL brings a different result on numerous occasions.

I noticed similar messages in other forum threads. Is it possible there are servers out of sync?


Thank you

False results Germany

same here for zip codes germany.

It worked for months, but since some days it seems completly broken.

"22041, germany" is valid zip for hamburg, but wont be returned - https://developer.mapquest.com/documentation/samples/geocoding/v1/address/

There is an issue with
There is an issue with European postal code geocoding that the development team is aware of. We hope to have a fix soon.

There was an issue with the
There was an issue with the US zip code geocoding that has been resolved. You should not be seeing this anymore.

I'm getting the same lat/Long

I'm getting the same lat/Long code for anything in the USA.  It seems it just wants to tell me where the middle of the country is and not my actual address.  If I run it through the "try it" portion, it seems to work.  The response does not seem to even tell me the City, State, Country, etc... tag information, but it does tell me what address I had searched for.  Thoughts?


Can you post a sample request
Can you post a sample request that is not returning the expected result?