Getting numerous (39.78373, -100.445882) results

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Getting numerous (39.78373, -100.445882) results

Take a look at this dataset being returned through the (2.0) library with the Mapquest Provider.

c738ef5b5f045103355515ea6bb35062: 7600 SW 129TH ST, PINECREST, Florida, 33156: 25.650775, -80.316993

7a2a65affaadf5e42f44c6453a4643bd: 1975 E Golf Rd, Schaumburg, IL, 60173: 39.78373, -100.445882
774a7344e1bc06bd1428f4c856c62805: 6486 Sawmill Rd, Colombus, OH, 43235: 39.78373, -100.445882
47b9e8a989f76df157ad6320fe3ea8bf: 3152 Lehigh St, Allentown, PA, 18103: 40.592643, -75.468086
6f5f0e510b7fefc2333309628c84b944: 811 University Ave, Berkeley, CA, 94710: 37.86825, -122.298125
817af6649848b5318d7c584854822450: 7301 W Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90036: 39.78373, -100.445882
f5eb8716a5c53d6b0d939346ed3763ae: 5301 Broadway, Oakland, CA, 94618: 37.846522, -122.244911
6800af2e2ebbf227f9b04866f378f2bd: 44 S Raymond, Pasadena, CA, 91105: 34.140575, -118.148837
4c067685251e94e27eff84de03c34ce4: 1844 India Ave, San Diego, CA, 92101: 39.78373, -100.445882

The problem is, 39.78373, -100.445882 seems to be a catchall geocoding value.  I can verify any of the addresses with that result set does geocode correctly in Google Maps, at least, so what's going on?  Help!

Each geocode result is
Each geocode result is returned with a quality code which indicates how accurate and how confident each result is. I suspect you're running into A1XAX results which means the center of the US is being found. The geocoder does this with addresses not in the OSM data. The licensed data geocoder at is far better and will not return as many country level results.

I suspected that was the case

I suspected that was the case, that it is a fallback address. Thanks for your quick response!