Incorrect geocodes for Tony Packo's

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Incorrect geocodes for Tony Packo's

I am outraged - I am not even sure I am getting the correct geocode for Tony Packos in Toledo Ohio. I am afraid when I route to that location for hot dogs I will drive into the river.

Also - I miss the open map tiles. 

Hello jmedaugh,

Hello jmedaugh,


While I love a good Packo's dog, they're not worth risking your life in the Maumee River. If they're accompanied by a Buckeye Beer, maybe. Please don't drive into the river. It is already heavily polluted with farm runoff and Lake Erie algae.


Many, MANY, users miss the free open map tiles. Some of us here at MapQuest miss them too. Unfortunately, giving products away for free is not the most sustainable business model. The computers that we get those tiles from - well, we didn't get those for free, that's for sure.


Thank you for your constructive feedback and we hope to hear back from you soon and often.


Love, your b2b support team at MapQuest


ps: GO PACKO'S!!! Man, I wish I had a chili cheese dog and mac n cheese right now. I'm drooling on my keyboard.