Issue with UK postcodes

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Issue with UK postcodes

We're getting an unexpected query failure when searching for UK postcode "G20 0SP", but other UK postcodes do appear to work.  Could you investigate why your API is failing to resolve this location?  It's our HQ postcode so we tend to use it a lot for demos, which are now falling over.

Thanks for letting us know.
Thanks for letting us know. This has been added to a list of missing UK postal codes recently discovered. We hope to have the issue resolved soon.

Thanks for the update, Brian.

Thanks for the update, Brian.  Please note that it used to work fine up to a few weeks ago, so I'm assuming you either had an incomplete update, or data store corruption?

Another missing postcode

Hi, I'm getting a similar issue with "BA21 5EG" - I presume it is a new estate. The Geocoding API returns a location of North Yorkshire (about 300 miles away) - it should be in Yeovil,



Thanks for the heads up. This
Thanks for the heads up. This has been forwarded to the development team to assess.