vs return different coordinates. Why?

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gareth.mann vs return different coordinates. Why?

When attempting to make a call to the geocode api, when I use it returns some sort of default coordinates (in the middle of the USA).

When I remove the "open." from the start of the URL, it returns the correct coordinates.

But I need the when running it from my application, otherwise I get a 403 forbidden error. So why the difference? And what am I doing wrong?

Here are the two URLs:{My key here}&inFormat=kvp&outFormat=xml&location=621+SEARLES+RD%2cMARGARETVILLE%2cNY%2c12455&thumbMaps=false{My key here}&inFormat=kvp&outFormat=xml&location=621+SEARLES+RD%2cMARGARETVILLE%2cNY%2c12455&thumbMaps=false


MQBrianCoakley and open and are based on different data sets. The Open Geocode API, "relies solely on data contributed to OpenStreetMap." So results can, and will, differ.

OK fine. Then I guess I need

OK fine. Then I guess I need to use the mapquest api instead of the open one. So why am i getting the 403 forbidden era. We have an account that we pay for, is there a seperate license for that one that costs even more?

Both the ...MapQuestKey and .
Both the ...MapQuestKey and ...FreeOpen keys work great for me in a geocode request. The same key will work in both open and and pulls from the same bucket of transactions. There is no separate license of cost for the licensed data vs the open data. If you're still seeing errors, please post a sample request and the name of the key you're using.

Ok it turns out that I have 2

Ok it turns out that I have 2 keys, one entitled "free and open" and one regular one. The "free and open" one works for the url and the regular one works for the mapquest one.

We pay $99 a month, i assume just for the later, is that true? And with that we get 30,000 transactions a month. But maybe we dont need to pay anything? 95% of the geocoding and directions we can use the "free and open one", it is only for Canadian addresses that it seems to have an issue with trhe open.mapquest url, which is just a handful of adresses per year.

Am I right to assume that the free license of up to 15,000 transactions a month can be used for the non "open" URL?

So does the "free and open" mapquest key work with unlimited requests on the url? And up to a max of 15,000 on the non-free url?

If so we probnably dont need to pay anything....


The transactions are counted
The transactions are counted for the key/account regardless of open vs www. The reporting will separate them (geocode vs open geocode) but total transactions are counted for both.There's no such thing as unlimited (anymore).