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min. zoom suggestion

Hi, I was facing an issue today, that if the zoom parameter is set in the query, it is pretty much chiseled in stone. And if there are multiple locations passed (in my case 2) that are so far apart they won't fit in the view at once, then I am seeing an empty map, because it seems the map is centered around the halfway point between the locations using the given zoom level.

However, if the zoom parameter is removed, then if the two points are near each other I get a zoom level so close, that there is basically nothing on the map but the two points.

For this it would be brilliant if there would be a way that the zoom level could be set as a minimum zoom level, but if the points would not fit it would scale automatically to include them. (it could be an extra flag, a new parameter really doesn't matter)

I hope you'll consider this feature for the future



There is no min or max zoom
There is no min or max zoom parameter. But you could probably determine the distance between locations before requesting the map and determine if the points are close/far enough from each other to set the zoom parameter to the desired min or max in the map request.