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Satellite tiles age


     I'm using MapQuest free version for developing a product and I noticed that the satellite tiles are around 2 years old.

     Are the tiles dnewer in any payed version?

     Does anybody knows how often are these tiles renewed?



There is no difference
There is no difference between the paid and free satellite imagery. The imagery is updated constantly, more often in urban areas and less often in rural areas. The imagery is anywhere from a few weeks old to a few years old. If there is something specifically to be updated, post a lat/lng here and we get the update ball rolling.

I have a client that their

I have a client that their automotive dealership was contructed over a year ago and is not showing on the satellite image.  32.430030, -96.866321

2008 W Highway 287 Byp, Waxahachie, TX 75167

Waxahachie | TX 75167

This has been reported to our
This has been reported to our map imagery provided to update. Thanks for the heads up.